Black Feeling: Volume Two

A 12 track fusion album (57m 59s) — released July 11th 2011 on Freestyle Records

Back in September 2007, Freestyle Records released Black Feeling an album project brought to life by Australian musical supremo Lance Ferguson, the man responsible for Freestyle soul-jazz organ trio Cookin On 3 Burners, as well as The Bamboos & Lanu projects on Tru Thoughts Recordings. Each track was presented under a pseudonym to give the impression of an album you would find whilst digging in a Caribbean record shop or American thrift store. As a collection of reworked classics, the album set dance floors alight across the world, indeed, the single Hippy Skippy Moon Strut by The Mighty Show-Stoppers became a huge selling 12 inch, and also notched up well over 350,000 individual viewings on You Tube to date! Now in 2011, Freestyle Records is pleased as punch to be releasing this follow up album, The main concept with the 'Black Feeling' cover versions is that the finished product should not just be some kind of carbon copy of an established classic and Lance explains his approach further: 'The initial study of the original recordings enables me to be freer with interpreting, re-arranging and changing them for the final album. Often I will make changes to make a track a little more attractive or usable for DJs and the dancefloor in general' And you can certainly hear that in regards to the first two tracks 'Shaft In Africa' and 'Burning Spear' as their bottom end and drum breaks are beefed up to give funk heads and B Boys maximum opportunity to throw shapes to their hearts content! In direct comparison to those up tempo dance floor stormers, the album also features more reflective moments, namely the versions of Ronnie Fosters 'Mystic Brew' and 'Oboe' by Jamaican keyboard King Jackie Mittoo, whose gentle, skanking feel is like a warm Caribbean breeze cooling you down, and Lances tactic of shifting a classic tune into another genre is a masterstroke as exemplified on the salsa version of 'Nautilus' on which keyboardist Simon Mavin injects his incredible latin piano skills to stunning effect. The entire album sparkles with energy and display an intelligent and varied approach to reworking much loved classic as Lance states: 'I think it's really important to flip the cover-versions up and offer the listener something new so often I'll change instrumentation around to achieve something unique'. And something unique is what he and his crew of top musical talent have achieved - welcome to Black Feeling Two!.

They burn through club classic after club classic, giving them a different feel that the original version, and in a lot of cases IMPROVING them. Go ahead and buy this. You can't go wrong. - Snowboy

So nice to have all my fave tunes on one album ! super tight fact tighter than a virgins.. - jalapeno records smoove

Brilliant, a new modern classic of classics! - Jason Villani

Too many excellent tracks to pick out a fave one - pure madness... i love it! - Radio Corax 95.9fm Mark Milz

Lance simply doesnt deliver bad or boring stuff. Never. There is to much taste and musicality inside. You can discuss if another Shaft in Africa version is needed, but in the end it is all solid. - M.Path.Iq

These are not re-makes, they are re-imaginings of classic tunes. While they are not original compositions, they are very personalized versions. - Wtnr Radio T-Bird

Love this! Perfect dancefloor business - funky as hell. Will be spinning this everywhere I can! - First Word Recordings Gilla

Track-by-track dancefloor dynamite. Please don't tell anyone else about this album because I want it to be my funky little secret; my secret DJ weapon. - The Wardrdobe, Leeds DJ Paul Dunphy

Absolutely superb release, I can't wait to give K-Jee a spin at WIRED! Serious bad ass, booty shakin' funk bombs. Love it! - Stop.Look.Listen. Ben Cox

Black Feeling 2 walks the walk with some great arrangements of solid classics with all the lumps in the right places. If you love the originals, you are bound to approve of these modern versions which stand up in their own right as vital recordings. - Funkalicious Phil Gates

OUSTANDING!!!!! - Jazz FM Gary King

A sumptuous production incorporating the very best of previous genres such as the exceptionally wonderful blaxploitation, boogaloo, Nuyorican and loads more classic styles besides. Tough, organic, highly danceable and totally hip with a gas tight live feel. What more do you want? Masterful stuff from this obviously nocturnal maverick! - Blues & Soul Emrys Baird

Chart topping, ear drum rockin' foot stompin' ass jammery! - Green Arrow Radio misterG

Funkable to the point where you can't help but dance! - The Huffington Post Marc Gabriel Amigone

This is just dripping cool throughout! - SoulM8 Magazine Dave

Wow!! Whatta fantastic release folks!! You're spreading 'Culture' not only good music. Respect. - Gru Radio Turin Black Mighty Wax

Dopesque reprises. j aime a lot! - DJ Alex Attias

this sounds great, maybe even better than part 1 which is a classic already! - thisistomorrow.blogspot Mike

Fantastic funky grooves that cross all genres and generations! - Eavesdrop Radio 91.7FM Junior

You can expect no less from Lance Ferguson. Soul and Funk gems from Down Under. - Enlace Funk Magazine Marcos Flores

Whoah! Volume one was really tight & groovy, volume two is off the charts funking it up - bigger better badder bolder! So, what will volume 3 be? - Sjoerd Kranendonk

Another helping of funky nuggets served with Black Feeling. - Sean Smith

Volume 1 was a stunningly funky release. This comes very close with a bigger brass sound and some more fine solos - Juice 107.2 John Warr

WOW Love it even Gary Spence The Man with The Sweetest Rhythms can dance to this.. love it - Gary Spence

A ripe selection of dance floor fruit! - Eclectic Jazz Phil Levene

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