Jimmy Ruckus and The Five Fingers of Death

A 16 track funk album (44m 43s) — released October 4th 2010 on Freestyle Records

'After this fight, you're gonna call me Master Grant. Cuz I'll grant you life or death after whippin that ass'. - Jimmy Ruckus What happens when you make a sequel to a movie that no one knows about? In the case of 'Jimmy Ruckus in the Five Fingers of Death', you end up getting ridiculously popular overseas. While the original (Bad Bad Jimmy Ruckus) still hasn't been released despite its outrageous final auction price on ebay for the master copy, the sequel (which nobody knew was a sequel) experienced a well received theatrical release. In Singapore, according to box office statistics, it was the number 8 movie in terms of gross in 1978 and resulted in a mild cultural phenomenon and catch phrase ('I no want you tink I bad girl'). The movies fight scene featured over 20 beheadings; naked female assassins using poison lip balm; a chase scene involving a monarail, a harpoon and six bison; and also one of the most bizarre sex scenes ever committed to film (trust us). Maybe the outrageousness of the film appealed especially to Singapore audiences (the movie was a disaster elsewhere). In fact, the lead actors in the film still to this day draw upwards of 3,000 people to conventions and film viewings. And the soundtrack you now hold in your hands? It peaked at number 3 on the Singapore equivalent of Billboard (hard to believe, since current final auction prices on them reach upwards of $2,000). And no wonder - the soundtrack picks up right where the original lets off, delivering even more fast and frenetic blasts of funk, sticking to the same basic funk-and-breakbeat vibe that worked for the first soundtrack with a few notable changes. First, the rock vibe on this album is more prevalent than on the first album, showing the influence of Hendrix and other prominent guitarists of the time. Second, some of the keyboard work is more advanced, drawing from the acid, prog-rock sound and creating an interesting contrast to the heavy heavy funk bottom laid down on the tracks. Third, it's worth noting how current some of the song topics were for the time, referencing Houston Astros pitcher J.R.Richard, Chicken and Waffles and 'Pink Salons' early in their development. Even though very few people knew about the sequel, apparently Singapore did - and they beat the rest of us to punch by about 30 years. Now the rest of the world gets to catch up.

Faux film, furious funk! The further adventures of Jimmy Ruckus via Big Pimp Jones, gritty drums, killer bass lines, slammin' sax and thematic bits of dialogue, bridging the 70s funky exploitation soundtrack oeuvre and hip hop era breakbeat funk just as deadly for this sequel! - Dusty Groove USA

Serious blaxploitation action here! - www.jazzradio.fr DJ PhilGood

Low down and funky. Perfect soundtrack for a ride through the gritty inner city. - 88 1 KDHX FM Christopher Lawyer

Masterful Blaxploitation funk, a real work of art. A joy from start to finish - DJ Richie Vegas

simply awesome music...high quality for real! - Radio Corax 95.9fm Markus Milz

Thanks for the introduction to this forgotten funk gem. - www.TheBocX.com DJ Phil D

WOW what a find, I love it when people do the hard work for me! - Basic Soul Radio Show Simon Harrison

Seriously nice! - DJ Graham B

This album will keep you enthralled if you like your rock steady grooves and your synths wonky! Retro feel good sounds for today's new generation of movie goers. Buy this soundtrack, who cares about the film! - Blues & Soul magazine Emrys Baird

Yeah I dig those dirty beats and grooves and licks.... - Further out Recordings Richard E

From Singapore? This is amazing; very much like a 70's soundtrack for the 21st Century. Dope! - Urban Landscapes Velanche

Nice to hear this kind of blaxploitation music. A perfect sequel to the first 'soundtrack'. - Acid Jazz Hispano Santiago Tadeo Cervera

Fans of previous Big Pimp Jones efforts, Beastie Boys funk instrumentals, and ..er... seventies kung fu and porn flicks everywhere will probably soil themselves with excitement on hearing this. Oh yeah ... it’s also a goldmine for seekers of funky breaks everywhere. - Monkeyboxing.xom Tony Landsdowne

These dudes never disappoint! - Eavesdrop Radio WKDU 91.7 Junior

A Slice of "Kung Fu Funk" can't say anymore than Jimmy Rufus Came here to hold it down!! This is going to be on heavy rotation for a long time. Thank you Freestyle Records! - Four Corners Radio Show Chris Holt

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